Writing a press release for a product launch template

When done correctly, a press release is an excellent way to boost your business and spread the word about your newest offerings. Focus on making your product stand out from the rest by emphasizing on unique features and benefits.

Share a startling statistic, counterintuitive fact or innovative development. Remember the basics of writing and pitching a press release Writing and pitching product launch press release is no different from any other press release. Simple Product Description A good press release always tells the most important details about the product you are launching.

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One last thing. Tell a story in your press release.

company launch press release sample

After all, if a top boss becomes interested in your company, you are sure to get featured, right? It will help you figure out what type of content will work best.

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This demonstrates to the reader that you have done your homework. How can it benefit them? What are you trying to accomplish? Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew is the newest innovation from the company that will allow people to conveniently take steps toward achieving their goals and unleashing their full potential. Others try writing directly to the editor. You can replace each component with your own information and adapt it according to your needs. Generated a public radio interview also. Journalists are not under any obligation to write about you and being pushy will only close the door permanently. You might be sitting on data on usage or behavioral trends that plenty of journalists would be keen to write about. The article got over , views, , shares, and links from over 1, referring domains.

Your team is incredibly keen on details and communicative, which adds a huge value for us. Check out this example.

Sample press release template

In the Frac. This demonstrates to the reader that you have done your homework. Does your product come in different varieties and sizes? The data is the magic word here. Need some additional help on your upcoming product press release? Surveying the influencer landscape first is always a good idea. Second time using them. The email mentions the benefits of the product — affordable and convenient. Is it teens with ADD? Well, then you must come up with a band press release template word doc that will spread the message across your fans so that they can stay informed about your latest activities. This validates the claim that he has actually been following his work. As you read it, note their use of attention-grabbing statistics, action words and clear benefits. Thanks for another outstanding effort! To make things simple, track all these interactions with a CRM. In case of a crisis, a press release offers you a chance to respond to a story with your own.

But the subject line is the most important gate. You can even include a link that has an overview.

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22 Press Release Samples