Write as a product of primes 400

Now try dividing by the next prime factor, which is 3. Also, despite being closely related, the prime factors of and the prime factorization of are not exactly the same either. What is prime factorization?

If we divide 25 by 5, we get 5. The goal is to get to a quotient of 1. Step 3 : The tricks given below will be helpful to find the prime number which exactly divides the given number.

prime factors of 225

Step 1 : Put the given number inside the "L" shape Step 2 : We have to split the given number by prime numbers only. Further process is explained in the examples given below. What are the Factors of ? To illustrate what that means select the rightmost and leftmost integer in,80, 50, 40, 25, 20, 16, 10, 8, 5, 4, 2, 1 and multiply these integers to obtain In other words, a prime factor of divides the number without any rest, modulo 0.

Q: What is the prime factorization of the number ? Forthe prime factors are: 2, 5. By definition, 1 is not a prime number.

The former list contains both, composite and prime numbers, whereas the latter includes only prime numbers.

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Prime Factorization of