Write a scale factor

I'm not changing the ratios, just turning them into equivalent ratio so I have 24 on the right of both. If the scale factor of shape 1 to shape 2 is 4, that means the second shape is 4 times as big.

But we know they must be in that ratio. But what happens if we switch the order? More like this. Determine the scale factor of the enlargement and the coordinates of the centre of enlargement. Find out how to reinforce their understanding at home with our parents' guide to scale factor.

what is a scale factor in math in 7th grade

Can you work out what the scale factor is? Answer: 2 Your child may be asked to solve a problem where they are only given part of the information and have to 'work backwards', for example: A triangle was increased by a scale factor of 3 resulting in this new shape: What were the measurements of the original triangle?

Remember, the scale factor is a multiplier.

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Unit 7 Section 3 : Enlargements