Women in gothic literature

Wuthering Heights was the first instance in which Emily channelled her creativity into writing not just for herself but for the book-reading public, when previously her work had been only for her and younger sister Anne, their curiosities primed by an unusual — for 19th century females — childhood, sharing academic lessons with their brother Branwell.

gothic female archetypes

The fact that the Snow Child is killed by the Countess could reflect the fleeting nature of youth and fertility. However, many of the authors wrote conservatively to avoid damaging their social reputation and respectability, and accepted women's societal positions of idealized moral virtue, as well as legal and economic inferiority.

To take a psychoanalytical approach, Mina could be demonstrating a desire to betray her husband with impunity.

Sexism in gothic literature

An example of this we see frequently is the female transition from a young lover to a maternal figure. The concept relies heavily upon conformance to the ideals of femininity and masculinity. She is represented as an object of lust, and this is shown through her description. This whimsical neo-gothic invention started another design incline. It seems as though the various ways women are presented within Gothic literature were not only used as dramatic devices to help create terror and dismay, but they were also used to reflect the then revolutionary view that women were individuals. This takes the idea further, where a seductive woman is not only leading individuals from their morals, but leading them to certain death. Austen — who valued the individuality of her flawed heroines — is said to have been influenced in childhood by her family to appreciate a quick wit, and this resulted in her sharp writing. However, this transition can work both ways, Gothic literature provides us with examples of motherly figures absolving themselves of all maternal instincts. This presents women in an extremely negative light, adhering to the stereotype that all women are threatened by those younger and more beautiful than themselves. Even African Americans became the main characters in Southern literature. They could exude bravery, strength and intelligence and more importantly, should never be underestimated.

A large portion of this piece of writing deals with many famous Gothic motifs. However, despite losing her lover, Isabella is left to mourn for just one stanza. Tremper Perhaps this is why Ann Radcliffe, the obscure first female writer of Gothic fiction, was a pioneer in more ways than one.

They could exude bravery, strength and intelligence and more importantly, should never be underestimated. Nevertheless, their accomplishments were many, and their books have brought joy to generations of readers. Fundamentally, a Gothic novel is said to incorporate sorcery, riddle, heavenly, uncanny and tension.

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