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Sanitary Associations recommended.

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The top row numbers of 0. Because the progress of the age demands it. Hanlon and Pickett, The Partnership in Health Act of established a "block grant" approach for a variety of programs, providing federal funding of state and county activities in general health, tuberculosis control, dental health, home health, and mental health, among others. For the first time, it was known that diseases had single, specific causes. When Lemuel Shattuck was writ- ing the Report of the Sanitary Commission of the Massachusetts System for registration of births, deaths and marriages. It was estimated that as many as 1 person in 10 died of smallpox. Sedgwick declared, "before we knew nothing; after we knew it all; it was a glorious ten years. The National Health Service Corps Program, in which the federal government directly assigned physicians to provide medical care to citizens in underserved areas, is another example of unilateral federal action for health care. Although health needs and health services have not diminished, political and social values of the time encourage fiscal constraint. To the State,

Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board, a comprehensive venereal disease control program for the military, and provided funds for quarantine of infected civilians.

Nevertheless, the type of data collected by Shattuck was used to justify the board. However, this value is also used in a misleading way.

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Fee, ; Hanlon and Pickett, By the end of the nineteenth century, 40 states and several local areas had established health departments. Starr, P.

The Shattuck Report is one of the major documents in public health in the United efforts helped to establish the Massachusetts System for registration of births.

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Repeatedly, the role of the government in regulating individual behavior has been challenged. Because merchant seamen had no local citizenship, the federal government took on the responsibility of providing their health care.

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A History of the Public Health System