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So, almost favourable people count is twice of the unfavourable people count. Highly competitive market: although the market is highly potential for TruEarth, it is also highly competitive with saturated substitute pizza products offering at low prices by big companies.

The frozen Pizza kit offered by TrueEarth includes 1 Crust, 2 separate packets of cheese and 3 sauce along with line of separate complementary toppings such as extra cheese, sliced mushrooms and hormone-free chicken sausage crumbles.

Also, the opportunity fresh pasta presented was huge. From the comments given in the exhibit, the team can conclude that people often associate pizza as an unhealthy food. How would you compare the actual process development of each? Should the company launch the new product and what the volume would be?

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It is one of a few leaders in ready-made whole grain food market, a niche market that offers greater quality and authenticity than a mass-produced food market. Click here.

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Please scroll down to the bottom of this post to download the additional Excel spreadsheet. It has been around for decades and has some major players that dominate the space.

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So, from this information we can conclude that TrueEarth will not be a first mover in Healthy and or refrigerated pizza product line. From data from exhibit 6 potential customer would prefer the TruEarth Pizza line to the refrigerated pizza but obviously takeout pizza wins the game.

The concept of the new pizza line would be a pizza with a whole grain curst and high quality toppings that is fresher than frozen pizza, healthier than take-out, and easily customizable.

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