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Movies are never like a play Well, look, it's a combination of a natural charisma and presence that he has, combined with this work ethic that we've -- that you've already -- you know, you can glean from watching this program, and certainly if you look at his work.

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The film is "A Beautiful Mind. Work out of the library. I need to look through to the governing dynamics, find a truly original idea.

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And she's doing -- she's doing a lot of work for it. Second only to Russell in importance is Connelly. She's Auntie Wheezy ph , and she's pissed. At the conference he drops the ball completely and the public humiliation is a turning point: it has now become a medical issue. John Forbes Nash Jr. And you can only really expose the emotional workings of a character if you're objective and you're willing to say, "Well, at this point in time -- yes, you know, maybe he's not in the best of lights at this time, but that's just humanity. John Nash: There's no point in being nuts if you can't have some fun with it. With four cars, right. KING: Isn't that amazing to you John hurts her.

KING: You took less pay. Now one might have said, Russ, that, "Here's a story about a guy who's a schizophrenic. And then I began talking to him about this movie and became very, very excited about what he was going to be able to contribute. So you give yours up.

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Let's go. I'm the keeper of the story. And he's willing to collaborate and his attention to detail. And she's doing -- she's doing a lot of work for it. KING: What is his greatness? He's a musician. And, you know, I think what you may see with Meg is, that she'll probably work less, but that's through her own choice. It's called "A Beautiful Mind" and its star is Russell Crowe, the winner of last year's Academy Award for "Gladiator" and many consider a favorite for this year for his extraordinary role as John Nash. October 6, A structural overview of A Beautiful Mind You scared?

How do you find -- how do you And again, I make up my mind, I don't think making the film has to be, you know, a love fest.

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A Beautiful Mind: The Shooting Script by Akiva Goldsman