The importance of understanding the impact of technological advances on ethical practice within the

Nevertheless, many similarities are evident in the roots, processes and even resolutions of some debates. There is scope to initiate capacity-building programmes on participatory technology assessment methodologies in order to allow similar initiatives to take hold in the particular context of India and China.

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The values in design literature points out that the material outputs of technology design processes belong alongside policy and practice decisions as an ethical impact of organizations. Again, Ulrich Leicht-Deobald and his co-authors prompt an examination of how the traditional HR function is altered by the assistance of machine-learning platforms.

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This symposium focuses on how firms should engage ethical choices in developing and deploying these technologies. There are some ethical issues that are closely connected to digital technology, such as trust, knowledge, privacy, and individual autonomy. There are similarities in the official ethics advisory structures of the three regions. A strong example of values-laden technology is the machine learning ML algorithms that power autonomous systems. Who will know about the existence and possible inferences from the data? If marketers guess you are dieting or recently stopped gambling, they can target you with food or casino ads. In this context, developing such indicators for emerging technologies is very important, and will be relevant for studies on responsible research and innovation. The conditions for the realisation of responsible research and innovation Through the development of practical methods involving different kinds of stakeholders, we seek to make research and innovation more responsible and ethical.

It is therefore no surprise that it figures prominently in the expected ethical issues linked to emerging ICTs. Values in Design Values in design ViD is an umbrella term for research in technology studies, computer ethics, human—computer interaction, information studies, and media studies that focuses on how human and social values ranging from privacy to accessibility to fairness get built into, or excluded from, emerging technologies.

The development of participatory technology assessment has also been widely dissimilar in the three regions. Human Autonomy and Manipulation There are a host of market actors impacted by the rise of digital technology.

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In some instances, risks stem from technological challenges that are known but still need to be addressed. How can individuals or governments trust AI decisions? Guiding questions: Which novel capabilities will the technology provide users with? How is privacy related to trust in firms and trust online?

An alternative approach is to frame AI decisions—like all decisions—as biased and capable of making mistakes Martin

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Business and the Ethical Implications of Technology: Introduction to the Symposium