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Opportunity Leaders are responsible for the development of the people they lead, and the best way to facilitate that is to give them challenging opportunities that allow them to grow.

A correct diagnosis will suggest the right remedy and avoid any knee-jerk replacements of people who made good decisions but were dealt a bad hand. Imagine, for instance, an enterprise that has more than 2 million members and only one criterion for joining: You have to want in.

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There is a corporate mission but no detailed strategy or operating plans. Each of those important management ideas was foreshadowed in the writings of Mary Parker Follett, a management innovator whose life was bracketed by the American Civil War and the Great Depression. Realistic optimism It's important for a CEO to be confident, but not arrogant about their skills and what they offer their employees. For instance, 39 of the job descriptions we studied indicated that the CMO would oversee product strategy but then neglected to require experience in that area. In those instances, we are drilling vertically, not horizontally, when there could be some items identified on the organizational side that are actually driving the performance. When one CEO was reviewing the numbers for an important product line, he saw a decline in market share and profits for the third year in a row. For the simple reason that in most companies, a few senior executives have the first and last word on shifts in strategic direction. They do so consistently—even amid ambiguity, with incomplete information, and in unfamiliar domains. Most commonly, pupils are issued a report card twice a year.

CEOs who engage stakeholders do not invest their energy in being liked or protecting their teams from painful decisions. Where do you find organizations in which people give all of themselves?

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Not every idea a CEO has is going to be a good one, and not every direction is the right one. There is a unified national curriculum for the entire country.

Schools are closed for national holidays and two weeks in July for vacation. What is not going well? Your company is earning a paltry return on its investment in human capital.

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