Speech on jealousy in othello essay

Speech on jealousy in othello essay

One of the biggest themes that took place in Othello was jealousy. There are many instances throughout the play that show jealousy between the characters. The circumstantial evidence Iago provides acts like a lethal poison, which surrounds Othello in suspicion and envy but also turns him into an inhuman murderer.

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Othello is a typical tragedy in which the noble, honourable and virtuous Moor suffers a social downfall. Part two is the development of the play, introducing complications.

Roderigos jealousy in othello

Iago comes along later and finishes him off. Lily B. Othello later finds that Desdemona was not unfaithful and commits suicide. Iago is upset because Othello chose Michael Cassio as his lieutenant. Jealousy is not inherited in a person, but developed from the fatal factors of their character. While jealousy is the mutual, most prominent cause for turmoil in these plays, its effects on the characters, and ultimately the plots, is different in each case. It is important for Shakespeare to be consistent with his themes, or the plays would lose their meaning and mood. Dominating the antagonist is another type of jealousy toward Cassio, and hatred toward the general. In the volume Shakespeare and Tragedy John Bayley denies that jealousy is a major causative factor in the play: The play eludes with ease any attempt to pin it down to a solution: why it happened, what caused it, what weakness in Othello was involved? One of Shakespeare's most credible characteristics in his writing is his ability to compose a play in which has a story that originates, and strides on lies. His jealousy results in the death of almost all the characters in this play. During the course of these stories getting passed down, often details may get lost or jumbled, but the theme and moral of will always remain the same. It eats away at the mind, and fuels the fire for hatred. The deeply psychological ideas it explores such as the nature of narcissism and psychopathy become a concentrated concoction of jealousy, hatred, insecurity, rage and repressed sexual desires within their isolated setting on the Island of Cyprus.

The truly jealous man is not like that. It utterly corrupts their lives because it causes Iago to show his true self, which in turn triggers Othello to undergo an absolute conversion that destroys the lives of their friends. In this essay I shall be attempting to examine this theme in depth drawing comparison between jealousy and the consequential action.

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Jealousy is a strong emotion which everyone has experienced in some point or time in their life. He contends that nothing can stop him from or produce fulfillment in his cause except obtaining retribution on Othello.

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His acts are pre-meditated and have reasons. No other monster is as terrifying. As they arrive at Cyprus the whole story begins. Iago also tells Roderigo who loves Desdemona that he hates Othello for promoting Cassio over his head despite his long service. Othello's villain, Iago, is undoubtedly is one of literature's most impressive masters of deception. Jealousy is a strong emotion which everyone has experienced in some point or time in their life. He believes that he is more qualified for the job due to the fact that he has more experience than Cassio. The work revolves around four central characters: Othello, Othello's wife Desdemona, his lieutenant Cassio and advisor Iago. Jealousy in Othello is what the play was founded on. It is Othello's public insecurity that makes him jealous of Cassio and allows him to believe that Cassio has slept with Desdemona. The play Othello, evolves around the theme of jealousy. Jealousy is not inherited in a person, but developed from the fatal factors of their character. Your time is important. Once a human goes through the emotion of jealousy, it could certainly conquer and regulate the live of theirs.

This concept is very clear when we examine the Shakespearean tragedy of Othello. This contributes to the fact that reality is not always something that someone sees, however it is more often of what an individual does not see.

We observe as Iago single handedly destroys the matrimony shared between Othello and the beautiful Desdemona. Rather, its aim is to allow a cathartic release as a result of the heightened emotional state caused by the events of the tragedy.

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Speech On Jealousy In Othello