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Ethiopia has achieved the fast economic growth for ten consecutive years M0FED, Barangay San Carlos had one thousand eight hundred twenty five 1, populations and two hundred twenty- five business establishment according to their barangay of officials year The data collected is limited only in barangay San Carlos.

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Ordered Logistic Regression Output Table 4. The data were gathered through an interview with household members using open-ended questions. Only 2.

solid waste management research proposal pdf

Therefore, age and participation in solid waste management is inversely related. In order to guide the study, six 6 objectives were identified and one hypothesis formulated.

Solid waste management pdf

The major ISWM activities are waste prevention, recycling and composting, and combustion and disposal in properly designed, constructed, and managed landfills. Population growth also leads to increased waste generation. According to EGSSAA states that: The adverse impact t are best addressed by establishing integrated programs where all types of waste and all facets of the waste management process are considered together. Solid waste should be managed through a number of activities such as prevention, recycling, composting, controlled burning, or land filling USEPA, The situation in Africa, particularly in the capital cities is severe. Its Purpose is to identify the role played by the business establishment owners in solid waste management outside the market of Barangay San Carlos, FY As such, planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior.

This type of unmonitored and uncontrolled waste disposal has negative consequences on human health and the environment. When age is increasing, participation in solid waste management is decreasing.

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The DTI shall within six 6 months from the effectively of this Act and in cooperation with the Department, the DILG and other concerned agencies and sectors, publish a study of existing markets for processing and purchasing recyclable materials and the potential steps necessary to expand these markets.

This results in irritation not to mention the offensive odours coming from such garbage area with the infestation of rats, cockroaches, insects, flies and other disease vectors and rodents.

Solid waste management research proposal pdf

The smell of offensive odours cannot be taken for granted. The data were coded, tallied and tabulated to facilitate the presentation and interpretation of the results using frequency and percentage distribution Frequency and percentage distribution was used to classify the Principles of solid waste management as perceived by the respondents. However, to determine the sample size according to Krejcie and Morgan , for finite or known population size the following formula used. This is aggravated by the low priority usually accorded to sanitation activities Tekele Tadesse, But, another problem is observed in the area where the waste is dumped. Therefore, the concerned government bodies should give much emphasis for public participation because the communities have its own skills, knowledge, resources and expertise to solve their own problems. Therefore, the town waste management system needs to be avoided this negative externality and the waste management system needs to be sustainable. Solid wastes can also be classified based on their level of environmental contamination that is whether they are hazardous or non-hazardous to both man and the environment. Therefore, ordered logit model was used because the dependent variable is ordered in low, medium and high. The majority of respondents 98 is in the age range of and 85, 75 and 13 respondents are in the age range of , and respectively. It includes the methods of research, the research instrument, the data gathering Procedure and the statistical treatment. The already developed area of the University covers an area of about 17 hectares site but there is still about hectares of dry land on the east bank. Therefore, education and awareness creation about sorting of wastes is important for residents.
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