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He compares many issues that Siddhartha faces to everyday objects and forces, making the novel easier to understand.

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He left his comfortable life and lived a life of charity, yoga, fasting and meditation. In each case this smile is a completely natural phenomenon; it cannot be created at will by people who have not attained the prerequisite state of harmony with life.

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Paving the way for other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism which is also part of the top five most practiced religions today He wants to keep continue his path to Nirvana. Hesse worked on his magnum opus, The Glass Bead Gamefor twelve years.

One can take in its plot and get out of it a good story.

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Universality of suffering Dukkha was the First Noble Truth. This book is about a boy, Siddhartha, who is probably somewhere in his teenage years.

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This is one of a series of encounters with individuals who profess to have something to teach Siddhartha, and whose teachings he comes to find inadequate in various ways—the scholarship of the Brahmins that leads to intellectual prowess but not happiness, the asceticism of the samanas that creates a stoic perseverance but nothing more, the art of love from Kamala that never results in a loving spirit, and the mercantile expertise of the merchant Kamaswami that leads only to unsatisfying entanglement in possessions. Love inspires enlightenment, and that enlightenment inspires even more love. Some search for things like: money, power, fame, knowledge, peace, understanding, and a sense of who they are. Siddhartha's son, however, never returns any of Siddharthas love, Hesse illustrating to the reader the thankless and unappreciated love Siddhartha learns to give. By using various writing approaches to convey the theme of the novel, Hesse appeals to the readers' senses and aides them in grasping the novel. Though simple in its style, it is deep in meaning. In Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, the authors contrast between rational and emotional uses common archetypes, diverse settings, and reflective imagery to demonstrate that love inspires enlightenment. Though the people he loved hurt him emotionally, they brought him closer to an understanding of enlightenment. Why does Vasudeva leave Siddhartha? One theme is that people can teach religious doctrine, but it may not lead one to find one's true inner "self". What is the relation of words to wisdom? It symbolises a teacher, a guru, one who knows and is aware of this knowledge and who imparts it to those who seek knowledge from it. These are basically Siddhartha's life achievements. Lang, a student of Carl Jung.
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