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Despite all the frustration, problems, evil designs of both internal and external elements, the awakening is happening.

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Iqbal believed strongly in Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 's earlier idea about 'Two Nation theory' that Muslims and Hindus were two separate nations and should be allowed to live separately. But, according to Iqbal, this world is real to the extent that it is a stage for people to struggle for and improve on their spiritual side; while balancing the worldly matters simultaneously. He was very popular amongst the Muslim masses too. Wo Lala-o-Gulzar, Meh jabeen na rahe. In fact he is the poet of the universe. He made Muslims realize, what they actually are, what their true stature is and that they shouldn't be overwhelmed by any kind of complex, fear and frustration: He imparted the message of hope and belief, the message of oneness of the Muslim nation and gathered the confused, scared and scattered Muslims on a single platform: "Millat kai saath raabta istawaar rakh Paywasta reh shajar say umeed-e-bahar rakh" "Fard qaim rabt-e-millat say hai tanha kuch nahin Mauj hai darya mein bayroon-e-darya kuch nahin" He likened Muslim youngsters with "Shaheen" Falcon and gave them the inspiration to have the vision, the flight, the character and the attitude of a Falcon. But first you have to tell me what you do know about Allama Iqbal. We hadn't established the systems on the basis of Islamic teachings, and as a result, Pakistan ended up as a state with injustice, conflicts, economic and social problems, resource misuse and mismanagement, corrupt leaders and bad governance. Momin ka W0 Andaz-e-Bakamal kho gaya. Our elders brought Pakistan into existence by Allah's will after countless sacrifices and we are also ready to shed our lives for our country if need be. We were blessed with a sacred Islamic state but we converted into a mere piece of land. I end my speech on these lines: Iqbal gave the message of peace and love He wanted us be as innocent as a dove There is all around war terror and bloodshed Let us make the world, green , but not red. Unfortunately, Iqbal's dream was only partially realized ever since independence. His father was Sheikh Noor Muhammad [2] , who worked in a small government job but later started his own business, and his mother was Imam Bibi.

He motivated them through his poetry to develop a patriotic spirit, and strive for independence and a separate country. Almighty blessed us with the gift of Pakistan where Muslims could live with peace, harmony and freedom and practice the religion of Islam in its true sense.

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It was Allama Dr,Muhammad Iqbal who appeared on the scene of this mysterious world with such a sensitive soul keeping the ability to probe deeper and deeper into the real nature of the mysteries of this ever changing world and with the eyes far reaching beyond the blue skies and searching the secrets of eternity.

Apart from patriotism, his poetry touches other areas as well, such as mysticism, politics, democracy, communism, socialism, capitalism and many other topics. He put forward this idea again in his famous Allahabad Address of Muslim League, in[3] and also preached this in his poems and lectures.

But as Iqbal predicted, a wave of self-realization is propagating across the country. So I will be stressing on these areas. The winds of change have already started to blow. He always motivated the youngsters by spreading the message of Khudi self.

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His father was Sheikh Noor Muhammad [2]who worked in a small government job but later started his own business, and his mother was Imam Bibi. Ba-zouq na rhe Pakiza gar na rahe Ba-Deen na rahe. They have been waiting for a system that would facilitate them, an environment that will liberate them from their troubles and desolation.

With his poetry, Iqbal unveiled this word and also urged Muslims to be prepared for it, get ready for it and to work towards achieving it: "Sabaq phir parh, Sadaqat ka, Adalat ka, Shuja'at ka Lia jaye ga tujh say kaam dunia kia imaamat ka" "Yaqeen afraad ka sarmaaya-e-tameer-e-millat hai Yehi qoowat hai jo soorat gar-e-taqdeer-e-millat hai" At one point, Pakistan Movement was surrounded by total frustration and despair.

Kumail sat quietly in the television lounge, a little worried.

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Muhammad Iqbal