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The act regulated labeling and branding, with an eye toward protecting consumers from misleading claims. However, it was a cofactor in that it caused a reactive encounter with S.

In term of advertising, this can lead to the increase in the viewer without having to spend more money in broadcasting the.

how soon do toxic shock syndrome symptoms appear

TSS has caused death in about 3 percent of reported cases. TSS is a rare but lethal illness. This is primarily because it takes this amount of time for sufficient growth of staphylococci to occur in the vagina to produce TSST Treatment The medical team's aim is to fight the infection as well as supporting any body functions that the infection may have affected.

They did not know that they would go through this ordeal again and again over the next three months. Diagnosis As TSS is rare, most doctors will never see a case.

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Toxic shock syndrome

Pros — The more controversial that shock advertising gets, result in more attention that it receive from the public. After nearly 5 years of gathering this information, it is my opinion that the leading manufacturers of tampons are well aware that many women will become gravely ill, suffer and die after using their products. Low blood pressure, which may cause fainting when standing up. Comparison of the mitogenic response of human, murine, and rabbit lymphocytes. The illness was serious and some of these women died. Identifying and naming the condition associated with the symptoms presented by these women proved to be one underlying challenge. These studies also show that the TSST-1 toxin is not produced on the cotton used to produce terra femme tampons. Liver function is also altered, resulting in liver and kidney damage. This means that a woman with dioxin in her body who gets TSS, may have even less ability to fight the disease.

Though TSS seemed to come out of nowhere, the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus is not new. It may be that some people do not develop the necessary antibodies.

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