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Fahy, J. However, apart from investing in product quality and design, it is equally important to invest in marketing and Pepsi promotes its brand through both digital and traditional channels. Provided million servings of nutritious foods and beverages to the underserved communities and customers. Thus, hoping that also constraint to the company through literature Pepsi keeps re-inventing its marketing mix so that it review. Pepsi has continued to innovate its marketing and business growth strategy over time so as to retain its popularity and increase demand. In common with global firms the world over, PepsiCo has spent more than its fair share on ERP over the years. Its customers include the teenagers and youth with a modern and fast moving lifestyle. Because Pepsi can be more surgical about reaching populations in specific geographic areas.

The waste sugars and starches are then sold as byproduct. Journal of international marketing Review, 21 3pp.

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While in winter season their target is mainly The bottom line is that Pepsi cannot exist without party users and high-income group consumers. Moreover, sponsorship activities are applied with the belief that companies can enter international markets and appeal to local consumer preferences Dolphin, It has already won several rewards for its excellence in e-commerce.

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Because Pepsi can be more surgical about reaching populations in specific geographic areas. The chosen groups represented a diverse set of people, who are at different stages in their lives, and thus we believed their perception of international advertising campaigns and sponsorship activities, as well as international brands would vary.

Identifying opportunities to grow, transform and broaden its product portfolio.

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Marketing Strategy determinates of export performance: a meta-analysis. As a result of this, many international marketers is looking to create icons associated with specific meanings, which are universally recognized Fahy, To know and assess the present market flavours. Finally, a wife, husband or a child have strong influences on a consumer and thus the family is the most vital consumer buying organisation in society Kotler et al. These differences are depicted in figure 5. Lages, L. However, some of the big corporations still have their license for making such cloth wear. Sotrey, D. Empirical support for the relationship between the marketing strategy and financial performance of a business has been provided by a number of studies. The literature survey revealed astounding facts as how to position brand in a typical market like India. Blind Taste Test The figure below illustrates that those who associated Coca-Cola with having high quality, actually chose Pepsi Also in the research by Abdul Adis and Md. Profit-seeking organisations have long recognised the importance of creating value in the products and services they offer to the customers, all in the common objective to deliver commercial goods efficiently in order to keep the current customer-base satisfied.
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