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RCWU organizers made it a priority to maintain discipline in the ranks so as not to alienate public opinion.

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Lunglei district in south Mizoram was the worst hit, they added. Where there was no corroboration of statements to the contrary we accepted the evidence given by the superintendent, but he failed to satisfy us that he had taken proper steps in October,to provide for the advent of more than men in the Sorrento Camp No.

To assist in this, educational and instructional classes will be organized… A growing conviction seems to have entered the minds of most of the men that they are a forgotten group.

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That democratically elected committees be recognized in every camp. The association, though capable of dissolution, has, since March, , been apparently continued by both governments as if the agreement were still in full force. It was required to be of the best quality, and fulfil other important essentials. His competency as an engineer was not called in question. Arrangements made by which camp trucks might be used to convey men to and from sporting events and entertainments. When a man enters a camp without tobacco, or money wherewith to purchase it, he must go without it for three or four days, or until he has been in camp sufficiently long to cover the cost of a packet of tobacco at 1. It began April 4, when men from relief camps all over Western Canada rode boxcars into Vancouver, where they remained for almost two months. The original issue of tobacco was set when tobacco was available at 40 cents per pound. Where they appeared grave enough to investigate, we did so, and found them not substantiated by evidence.

Organizers would recruit these men into the union if they were amenable to the idea, and they were often given the Union's newsletter to smuggle into the camps. This involves a question of policy in the administration of the camps, and is a matter for consideration by the National Defence.

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The evidence suggested certain improvements, viz: — The maintenance and equipment of suitable recreation halls, adequately lighted, in all camps. That all workers in relief camps be covered by the Compensation Act, and that adequate first aid supplies be carried on the job at all times. Men are attracted to mining, logging, and construction camps because of a wage paid for labour. As to Point Grey Camp , the men properly complained as to the unsanitary condition of the latrines and cess pools; also want of cleanliness in the washhouse and showers. Lectures or entertainments, except in a very limited way, were to be provided. When one remembers that during the long winter months most of these camps are almost completely isolated, and that weather conditions leave very many days with no possibility of work, it is easy to realize the large part that better recreation arrangements plays in the contentment of the men. This, coupled with knowledge obtained by inspection, enables us to make findings within the purview of our commission. There was considerable contradiction in the evidence with respect to these complaints. We feel no hesitation in reporting that it did not and does not, exist in the slightest degree. In Point Grey rats have become a menace, more particularly in the bunk houses. Our reference to this matter we presume will ensure prompt and effective attention. Board was charged at the rate of 85 cents per diem. Very little complaint was made regarding the quality or standard of issue, with the exception of a natural distaste on the part of the men to accept clothing used by men previously, and turned in by them on leaving. The relief camp issue would once again descend on Vancouver in when the RCWU's successor, the Relief Project Workers' Union led another walk out and another series of protests.

We explained the situation to Major-General Ashton, D. With villages affected, as many as 5, people have been lodged in relief camps.

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There were some of the camps not so dealt with at the time, and they continued to be administered by the province, on the same basis as the Fordham Commission, but were subsequently taken over by the Dominion through the Department of National Defence. The reason of their continuance is the prolonged depression, and we hope that this cause will soon disappear. This involves a question of policy in the administration of the camps, and is a matter for consideration by the National Defence. There is winter accommodation in the camps of British Columbia for 8, men, being one-third of the entire accommodation for the Dominion. One police officer was severely injured. It was submitted that an issue of tobacco by quantity, rather than as now by cost, regardless of the fluctuation in price of that commodity — the system originally in force — would be fairer and would prove more satisfactory. It is worthy of mention that in practice some of these conditions were not strictly adhered to, especially as to the hours of work, and allowance for days when no actual work was performed. Many f the younger men are keenly interested in sport. They had a difficult situation in dealing with the workmen in question. A supply by the department, or by public subscription, of equipment for seasonal out-door sports, and indoor amusements. At these meetings we encouraged men, in the absence of the superintendents and foremen, to freely state their complaints and grievances. Flooding is a cause of concern in the North-East. We obtained a copy of one of the existing meat contracts, and find care has been taken to provide for a proper supply of meat. We find that the charges were not supported by evidence. At one time they accommodated over 6, men, both married and single.
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Relief camps are established for the unemployed