Physics coursework resistance of a bulb

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why does a light bulb not follow ohms law

I only went to the length that gave a decrease in voltage, but I did not think to check the ones that had TOO much of an increase of the voltage. This way, it will stop the wire from heating too much, which will affect the results less.

On the other hand, we were not entirely sure WHEN the voltage changed, so perhaps this could provide an explanation to the wide gap.

resistance of a light bulb experiment

Yr 10 Physics Coursework There are seven points on the line of best fit out of twenty circled in greenseven of them are literally next to the line and six are simply slightly further away but not too far.

I have rounded the value of resistance to two decimal places so it would be easier to plot on a graph paper, yet accurate enough. Under this unbalanced and distorted grid conditions, the online conversion of line - to - line values into the phase value is unworkable. The temperature of the wire will affect the resistance.

why do light bulbs not follow ohms law
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Investigation into the resistance of a filament lamp.