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Following the occupation of Kashmir in , India then in , in collaboration a prominent ruler of Baluchistan had attacked Baluchistan from the soil of Afghanistan. This truly and vividly depicts the mindset of the Pakistani Government, and the relations of India and Pakistan. Benefits, which can be accrued from a good India-Pakistan Relationship If there is peace at the border and a solution of Kashmir is arrived upon, then the China Pakistan Economic Corridor , which is passing through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir PoK can certainly benefit Kashmir, its people and the economy. Continued rival proxy support led to the civil war , in which Pakistan supported in the Taliban , seeking to secure its interests in Afghanistan and providing strategic support, while India and Afghanistan's other neighbours backed the Northern Alliance. The United States and its allies feared direct Soviet involvement in Afghanistan and began aiding Pakistan's support for the Afghan Mujaheddin, in hopes of crippling the Soviet Union. If this is held before you, I believe that all other issues between us will play into secondary importance and will become amenable to amicable and satisfactory solutions. Pakistan has taken advantage of the situation and has fuelled the protests by providing the elements fighting against the Indian establishment and Forces in the state with all sorts of possible support. Terrorist attacks on security forces since have increased and the attack on the Uri Army base camp in September , where 19 Indian soldiers were killed, was also carried by an organization, which has its roots in Pakistan. In alerting the nation, the collection of op-eds would have served a purpose.

After refuelling the plane took off for Dubai and then finally landed in KandaharAfghanistan. The assumption is that Kashmiris will bear the brunt and, therefore, it is not of consequence for the rest of us in South Asia.

South Asia is home to one fourth of the human race and has the largest middle class anywhere in the world.

Relationship between india and pakistan essay

Pakistan has taken advantage of the situation and has fuelled the protests by providing the elements fighting against the Indian establishment and Forces in the state with all sorts of possible support. In emphasising the collective trauma and fragile nationalisms that emerged, a connection will be established between the ensuing fear and distrust and its manifestation into policies and actions over the past six decades. Her paper Kashmir Times has ploughed a lonely furrow and done a national service in keeping the liberal torch aloft in trying times. It has been believed that Pakistan during the s, then under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto , in retaliation began supporting Islamist factions in Afghanistan. This was the first major military standoff between India and Pakistan since the Kargil War in One Hindu worshipper and two policemen were injured during the incident. Modi, remember, India has lost Kashmir forever is written over the wall. However, there are also reports that the developments are a sort of deepening the roots of democracy in Pakistan because the due process of law was followed. Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India TAPI pipeline which originates in Turkmenistan and passes through Afghanistan, Pakistan before reaching and terminating in India can also get huge benefits as it can help secure the National Energy needs of both Pakistan and India, which are potentially growing nations with increasing needs of energy. Since a significant proportion of the army is deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, the op-eds covered the meaing of the 'strategy' in Kashmir - of which the army was a major instrument - for the army as an institution.

Pakistan later withdrew from the remaining portion under international pressure and high casualties. Some people perceive the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as being politically motivated, with some saying there was a judicial overreach by the Court.

Plainspeaking is the need of the hour. In the United Progressive Alliance government period, the government was afraid of its own With the void in between the Kashmiri people and the establishment increasing after the devastating floods ofthere was rising discontent again in the valley.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee must be recognized, a fact acknowledged by no less a person than Pervez Musharraf, die architect of the Kargil war Mr. The PM of Pakistan, in fact, went a step ahead and during the United Nations General Assembly meeting ofdeclared Wani as a martyr and the struggle of the people of Kashmir as an Intifada.

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