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Teachers and youth directors may submit a collection of essays from their class or group. But I had my dad home. So, I was super excited to have a dad now. I had to take medicine for a long time and talk to a counselor.

Entrants must be under 15 years old and write a compelling news story about a school or community event.

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I was so happy I ran as fast as I could to give him a huge hug. Kids can submit everything from stories and songs to editorials and plays.

Writing contests for elementary students 2018

Plagiarized entries will be rejected. The best thing about being a military brat is you can meet all the sergeants and generals that served in the military long ago. Copyright of the essays entered will be assigned to the organizer. Please enclose a list of participants' names, ages and the name and contact information of the submitting teacher or director. The food has to be my favorite thing about moving to El Paso because the tacos here are mind-blowing I absolutely love them! I also learned to organize my room, school work and my volleyball stuff. It was a life-changing experience because of the emotions and confusion. The page book can be fiction or non-fiction and must be created by a group of at least three students. When he was gone, it made me sad. The winning book is published by Scholastic and sold at Scholastic Book Fairs across the country. Entries are judged both regionally and nationally—the highest-level regional work is submitted for national consideration.

Students had a chance to voice their stories while helping others understand what it means to be a military child. GET your Certificate online 20th Anniversary Special Edition This annual essay contest is organized in an effort to harness the energy, creativity and initiative of the world's youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development.

Believe me, it is awesome. I was taught to cook, take care of my little brother by picking him up from school and walking home with him. At this time my father is deployed. Sometimes just the idea of recognition is enough to get those pencils to paper or fingers to keyboard.

All of us had to adjust to our new home. Students are grouped by age into three different levels, all of which are judged at both a state and national level.

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Month of the Military Child Essay Contest Winners Announced