My mouth is a volcano writing activity for 1st

my mouth is a volcano vocabulary

After the worksheet, we talked about trying our best to hold our words in while someone else is talking until they finish. Here is a full page sheet of ideas for how to use it with your students too!

my mouth is a volcano vocabulary

Holes by Louis Sachar Sometimes difficult writing techniques can be taught through an engaging story, which is the case with Holes. I put a picture of a volcano in the middle of the page and then listed 5 steps around the volcano. Some good book choices are posted below, along with some other fabulous return to the classroom activities — all provided by some of my fellow blogging buddies just for you!

This website includes some suggestions for comprehension and discussion along the way. Many children and adults just want to blurt out what they're thinking right away "so they don't forget.

my mouth is a volcano powerpoint

Share your best bets for classroom books! Fuller's PDF on the back. You simply need a student roster and a printer. My students in Bethlehem nicknamed me Miss Daisy, which was the inspiration for my blog name. One side was created by me and the other was something I found on Dr. Listening requires the listener to refrain from interjecting in the middle of what the other person is saying.

Need some new solutions for using binders this year in the classroom? These 3 Back to School Binder Ideas might get your wheels turning!

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The Best Classroom Book List Ever