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Duffy also contains a more modern mention of "Diana, Princess of Wales", who died after escaping what Duffy observed as a difficult, controlling marriage, right before "Mrs Beast" was written. The sexual language utilized by Duffy parodies the original 'children's' story, the short phrases removing any emotion.

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Many critics argue whether this reversal is seen as positive or negative as in some areas of her poem, the narrator seems to be losing her female traits and manifesting into the feminist viewpoint of a man.

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Simone de Beauvoir, the feminist author of 'The Second Intimacy' once said that "Representation of the world, like the globe itself, is the work of men; they summarize it of their own point of view, which they confuse with the utter truth". Mrs Beast is central to The Worlds Wife. The poem celebrates their love and a marriage working out and also a man being a loyal and faithful husband. Although they resemble Sanday's ideal of "Female solidarity organizations devoted to female political or economic interests", Duffy separates their "Poker times" from the ultimate stanza in order to make her final point. As with all the poems in the Worlds Wife, Duffy follows the form of a dramatic monologue and through the first stanza draws attention to the history of male domination and female suppression by listing famously victimised women and revealing in Mrs Beasts tone, bitter resentment. At first, the presenter asks the reader to "stare into my face gaze into my sight" to admire the similarity of her appearance with a list of revered, beautiful women. Similarly, in Little Red-Cap Duffy uses colloquial language to end the first stanza that begins by building up a sense of danger and an ominous tone until the persona recalls that she clapped eyes on the wolf. Duffy is alluding here to Betty Friedans feminist idea that "Man is not the adversary here, however the fellow victim". Yet, she ends the word with "think again".

This verse of the poem shows how by women using this masculine language and other features known to men are covering up their true personalities. At this point within the poem I feel that from the outside appearance she is almost emotionally stronger and more dominant however deep down I feel this is contradicted, which is uncontrollable as she is deep down a women.

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Related posts:. Duffy rejects Donald Haase's proven fact that "Folk narratives specifically delineate women's tasks and problems" in stereotypical ways by alluding to these fairy-tale character types, showing how they have broken from their traditional assignments that have been not resulting in a 'happy-ever-after'.

It shows a girl and how she transfers to a woman; it also shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder This maybe because it is the second to last poem in The Worlds Wife, and may want to leave the reader with the feeling of astonishment or dismay at the fact that the poem is so powerful.

The Beast sees the narrators seeming interest in him as a miracle and is portrayed as desperate to keep her attention even it means living with her neglect. This is often seen as a stereotypical male trait as men are considered my independent than women who often depend on men to provide for them and their family.

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The poem becomes an elegy, mourning those women "less lucky than we" the "captive beautiful" fighting as a result of patriarchal oppression.

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Mrs Beast by Carol Anne Duffy Essay Example