Looking at elderly abuse in developed countries social work essay

In fact, Penhale asserts that past relationships is a sensitive research topic and therefore difficult to research.

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When alone the mental, physical and even the nutritional status of the older person can be affected. Repeatedly, National Research Council and Institute of Medicine panels have called attention to the need for sustained and aggressive research on the phenomenology, magnitude, etiology, and consequences of these problems and on the effects of interventions National Research Council,; National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, They feel hard to adjust the changes.

Looking at elderly abuse in developed countries social work essay

In fact, Rahman and Gaafary assert that younger caregivers are more likely to commit acts of elder abuse and neglect than older caregivers. Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, 11 1 Conclusion Elder abuse should be a growing concern issue in our society but it is preventable.

elder abuse essay

No matter where they reside, older people are vulnerable not only to the infirmities and suffering associated with disease and disability, but also to neglect, victimization, and exploitation by others, including their caregivers.

I stand for better environments in these nursing homes and find it terrible that elders get treated so poorly.

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Despite the lack of scientifically rigorous intervention research on elder abuse, the review also identified 5 promising strategies for prevention. Seven out of ten people will receive long-term care in the United States. According to Coyne et al. Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, 23 1 With a global explosion in the older adult population, elder abuse is expected to become an even more pressing problem, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Elder abuse and caregiver stress: an exploration of the relationship from the perspective of the marginalized elders and their caregivers. We conducted a scoping review to gain an overview of the literature on elder abuse prevalence and risk factors. The legal foundation for modern policies and programs for elder protection was put in place after World War II, particularly during a burst of national energy geared toward remediation of endemic social problems during the s. Report on Violence and Health.
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The Welfare Needs Of The Elderly Social Work Essay