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Previously the flush used to be withered under the sun.

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Customer equity may be a better measure of a firms performance than current sales or market share. The winner will receive the present tea boxes via post way. Per Social media marketing for more brand visibility on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with the content marketing of the product in magazines is also one of the strategies. However, the services sector seems to have contributed steadily from 2. Execution MPTN developed a strategic integrated campaign for Lipton, featuring the following two-step strategy: 1. With consistent performance and quality product, Lipton had shown consistent growth over the years. Furthermore, in the street there will be a lot of decoration of the brand image. Technological Infrastructure: Technology can give our organization valuable assistance in implementing new policies, procedures and initiatives. The Lipton plants its tea plants in Tanzania and Kenya with the different variety. Both these aspects call for manipulation of plant parts for optimal productivity and growth.

We are going to set up original events in order to attract new customers and consumers of other tea brands. The stand should be placed between the fresh food and the food with the aim to attract all the consumers.

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Pluckers' productivity is found to be maximum in unpruned teas. This is also supported through a third party vendor. The key is to have all your customer information integrated. The favorable movement in the tea industry can be attributed to two major factors: A consumers need for convenience and time-saving. The company should use promotional blitzes to attract them, create satisfying and profitable transactions with them, and then cease investing in them until the next time around. Fermentation : It is the process of oxidation of leaves. Page 20 [Lo 3. Moreover, the hostesses can give some presents to the children like, balloons with the logo of the brand and pens with the logo. Value Based Pricing We will set our product price, based on the benefits it provides to consumers. Promotion: The promotional and advertising strategy in the Lipton marketing strategy is as follows: Being PepsiCo and Unilever product, Lipton has the extensive marketing strategy. The campaign will be mainly focused on Channel 4, around typically entertainment-based programmes that attract young viewers. This has made it possible to increase the plantation area by minimizing space; also labor cost has come down and the entire process has become much speedier. Sector wise analysis shows that the agriculture sector started with 0. After the show, they will hand out flyers the people can fill in so as to win the weekend trip to London. The Homelands dance festival in Hampshire last month was also identified as a suitable platform for Lipton to build its credentials among a new target audience of to year-olds.

Since it is difficult to change the lifestyle of people all of sudden; people look for better product which can keep them healthy and offer resistance or meditate their health for long life and better health. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

After the drying is over, the leaves are sorted, that is, divided into different grades and made ready for the market.

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This is mainly due to the various health programs being broadcasted on television as well as a variety of articles being published in magazines and digests. The stand should represent the brand with the colour of the company, the logo, the environment of Lipton.

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