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In online retail, repeat purchase plays a big role as getting a new customer to buy from your Website is much tougher than getting an existing customer to repurchase. Owning a business that employs 24 people means that I also have the responsibility for 24 families that depend on me to make good decisions. How would you fire someone? Today, the challenges are different. But with both the founders now stating that a more apt model for Flipkarts future journey is Chinas Alibaba group and not the USs Amazon, does it signify a shift in their thinking about the platform play? People browse more often in mobile, there are sensors like camera, GPS; which are tools giving more information about the user. They have to be able to work and communicate with customers. Also check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. I feel that this topic Interview with a famous Indian Entrepreneur will help me learn the foundational skills required of an entrepreneur by knowing what it takes to successfully run a start-up and bring it to the next level. Business schools can really help in that respect.

Both, but most of our work comes from around the country. The team and I try to apply Apple's pursuit of simplicity and usefulness in everything we do with Vero.

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The interview will be an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs especially those in IT and e-commerce in India. If you had a magic stick, which are the three things you would change in the world?

Gemma will be stepping down from the board this September, so we interviewed her to get an insight into her life as an entrepreneur, what it has been like working with the Small Business Charter and any advice she has for other budding entrepreneurs. I thought that in the future, if I ever wanted to run a business, it was likely to involve more than three people.

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The American multinational retailer, is expected to bring processes and technology that powered it to become a retailing powerhouse, to India. She has played a crucial role in providing a business perspective on the Board which aims to help businesses grow through the recognition of the work of business schools in providing local business support.

When I first engaged with a business school init was a revelation to me. Our aim is to achieve similar success in these categories while maintaining our USP of a superior customer experience. Hence, our main mission was to focus on customer service.

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There was a huge search party and I was found. Drawing some parallels with Chinas Alibaba, he says, Yahoo had invested the same amount in Alibaba in All of our engineers and designers have college degrees, are Microsoft Certified, and on staff at our location. Best of luck with your new venture Gemma! How did you overcome that and what advice would you give others in your situation? I started my business, ooShirts. Can you give us more info in terms of results and achievements? If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say? There are no guarantees on success. For example, if you say your biggest strength is time-management, you need to be ready for the interviewer to ask something like, "What does this strength look like in action? I felt the prices could be driven down. The newer challenges are with respect to maintaining a great customer experience with the massive increase in demand. We have built our Business on the premise of providing a great shopping experience to the customer and our biggest challenge is to maintain the same quality of service while we rapidly scale up the size of our operations. An Antarctic explorer called Ernest Shackleton.

We changed loads, but the mission was always the same. If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say?

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While the company has been largely successful in meeting customer expectations, Amazons entry into the Indian retail market is now putting pressure on Flipkart to deliver better service and cheaper goods. I ended up regretting never taking advantage of all the great things I could have done. Our focus has always been on keeping our customers satisfied by ensuring convenience and a hassle free shopping experience at every customer engagement point not to mention the great discounts and product variety that we have to offer. Know exactly what makes you fit into the position perfectly and speak to it during the interview. Private investors have more appetite and patience. What you makes you special? Videoing yourself may feel awkward when you do it, but it will pay off during your interview. He says, Mobile gives you 10 times data as compared to desktop.

A We started Flipkart on a modest budget. All of them, unfortunately, gave excessively high prices.

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