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Finally, writing family immigration stories -- no matter how distant or recent -- helps students read, reflect upon, and empathize with the common threads and variations of American narratives.

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Whenever it makes sense to, share a little of yourself in your articles, social posts, and even emails. Likewise, as almost all ESL students find prepositions challenging, I first use visual images to have them see how prepositions function in relation to nouns.

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Let it go. Empathy is the key to gaining readers and followers in all kinds of writing, from blogging to marketing to social media.

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Consider the example of a freshman in an advanced writing class who had recently returned from combat in Iraq. Specifically, they learn to think of writing as a collaborative process empathetically involving others in a common pursuit of excellence in thought and expression. My next step is to have students turn to written excerpts and learn prepositions not individually but along with verbs that accompany them. Related Papers. Social and Emotional Learning Teach Empathy With Digital Immigration Stories Create empathic moments in the classroom with a safe, welcoming environment for students to tell their family's immigration stories through the modalities of digital storytelling. Establish a Culture of Listening and Respect Sharing their immigration story can be especially important for recently immigrated students who are trying to adapt to a new life in the U. Students cultivate empathy by sharing, listening, and connecting to others' immigration stories. What unmet need can this fill? My pairing of empathy and excellence derives from my own experiences as a student and teacher in many parts of the world. Use your own natural, conversational tone. What gaps might they have in their knowledge of your topic? May 28, close modal How important is integrating empathy instruction into the curriculum? Let it be all about them.
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(PDF) Statement of Teaching Philosophy: Empathy and Excellence