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A good way to think about ICT is to consider all uses of digital technology that exist to help individuals, businesses and organisations use information.

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You see the letters ICT everywhere - particularly in education. Career in Programming - Programmer : someone who write computer programs - Computer Scientist : broad term for a professional with expertise in computer software.

certificate in ict notes pdf

Motherboard : the main circuit board of the system unit. Program : series of organised instructions that directs a computer to perform tasks.

This type of network is invaluable in the office environment where colleagues need to have access to common data or programmes.

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However, there are aspects of digital communications that you needs to be aware of. CPU accepts instruction and translates it into readable information.

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Types of System Software - Operating system : coordinates all the activities among the computer hardware devices eg : Microsoft XP, Linux - Utility system : allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks. Small network less than 10 computer Easy to manage. Why Random Access? Onstall software to avery computer. Expansion slots : provides some specialised capability - PCI connects to high speed devices. Subscribe Thanks. However, there are aspects of digital communications that you needs to be aware of. Notes: Amount of memory determines the number of programs a computer can run at once and how fast programs will operate. It is a Read Only Memory. Application Software : computer programs that performs a particular function for the user. Server : powerful computer. Once a program has been written onto a PROM, it remains there forever.

Nodes fail each node has to be searched.

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Information and Communication Technologies: ICT Notes