Heart failure intro

This document is designed to teach you about heart attacks and heart failure: what causes these diseases, what forms these diseases take, and what can be done to treat these diseases when they occur.

heart failure definition

It may only be unmasked by activity or stress. Your doctor will discuss it with you.

congestive heart failure definition

Effect of posterolateral scar tissue on clinical and echocardiographic improvement after cardiac resynchronization therapy. This helps to prevent a stroke. N Engl J Med. If this does not work, the ICD will try to bring the heart back to normal by giving it a small, controlled electrical shock.

Diabetes: As mentioned above, diabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease. In some people with heart failure, rather than failed pumping of the blood from the ventricle, there is failed relaxation of the ventricle. Prog Biophys Mol Biol.

heart failure symptoms

There is no substitute for your doctor's advice. Angiotensin receptor blockers ARBs ARBs have been shown to extend life and reduce symptoms in patients with heart failure. Physician-directed patient self-management of left atrial pressure in advanced chronic HF.

The higher your blood pressure, the harder it is for your heart to pump blood throughout your body.

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Introduction to Heart Disease