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Humans deserve sensitive and understanding physicians.

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Throughout the statement, the applicant works hard to show that they have a realistic view of medicine. The passing reference to the drama group reinforces the impression that this applicant is a team-player.

Smith in the operating room.

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In fact, medicine is intertwined and collaborative. Medical schools want to enroll bright, empathetic, communicative people. Write, re-write, let it sit, and write again! Humans deserve doctors who are infinitely curious, constantly questioning new advents in medicine. This paragraph is another model of depth. State a Problem By stating a problem, you create instant curiosity because the reader wants to see how you will address this problem. So, despite my desire to get into the science, I restrained myself from overwhelming her. Paragraph 4 As soon as I walked into the examination room, I noticed the mother avoiding eye contact with the genetic counselor while clutching her son to her chest. Be sure to vary your sentence structure. The danger with this approach is that your idea might have been used too many times already. The description of the placements here isn't over-exaggerated, and the applicant takes care to explain what they have seen and done and the insight each opportunity afforded them.

The student also shows that they understand that taking time out to relax and manage any stress is important, and conveys the impression of good time management. Related Articles. Bring your own voice and perspective to your personal statement to give it a truly memorable flavor.

Instead, it should be the piece of the essay that draws the reader in immediately, so make sure you share something meaningful within your introduction. The relatively detailed account of the infant's check-up conveys the impression of engagement during the placement and suggests an intellectual curiosity to understand the infant's condition and its treatment.

Despite my young age at the time, I will never forget the devastating consequences of this. Get the customized strategy and guidance you need to help achieve your goals.

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Analysis The applicant does a great job of engaging the reader. The applicant describes how they taught a single biology lesson during a single class period at a single school. The ability to gather knowledge from many specialties and put seemingly distinct concepts together to form a coherent picture truly attracts me to medicine. I assist with serving meals to the residents as well as feeding one of the more infirm ladies. Here's a trusty format that you can make your own: 1st paragraph: These four or five sentences should "catch" the reader's attention. How does platelet rich plasma stimulate tissue growth? Notice also how this paragraph is intentionally kept short. Stay on topic. Though not always tangible, my small victories, such as the support I offered Hillary, hold great personal meaning. Although the applicant asserts that they have an 'open and enquiring mind', there is no description of any extracurricular project or reading that the applicant might have undertaken, perhaps to help them understand a highly-charged ethical issue.

State a Problem By stating a problem, you create instant curiosity because the reader wants to see how you will address this problem.

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15 Tips for Your Medical School Personal Statement