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Some values of globalization have led to the replacement of traditional values with new ideas. A new wireless network with a frequency of four hundred and fifty MHz has also been proposed which will provide telecommunications services for businessmen, professionals, government officials, security forces, fishermen, and other residents with mobile phone services BTL, The country aims to privatize and liberalize the sector which would give an incentive for private organizations to provide services in remote areas of the country.

Another requirement is the powers of the regulatory authority and the decision making processes will be used in interactions with regulators. Credible and stable sector policies and rules are another objective of the government.

New technologies can assist countries in extending their access to telecommunications at a lower cost. Transportation system has improved in Belize which allows citizens to move to other countries at cheap rates Barnett 65, An improved telecommunications infrastructure will also increase the level of foreign investment.

Globalization essay

Most of the profits made by these corporations is sent outside the region and not spent inside Belize. BTL should increase its fixed line, cellular, and internet services to the rural areas which would benefit the local economy. Satellite, cellular, and information technologies are changing at a rapid rate. As a result, many people in the western part of the world are losing their jobs. The expansion of companies to other countries is also beneficial because it provides important links between Belize and its neighbors. New York: Praeger, Furtado, Celso. The country has embarked upon a program of economic liberalization which aims to alleviate the poverty of the country and diversify its economy. However there is no political crisis or instability as witnessed in other countries. The younger citizens of Belize are attracted to the culture of the US. The standard of living is equivalent to its neighbors in Central America. Tourism which is the backbone of the economy has also flourished because of the globalization.

Despite major bills and reforms, the sector continues to be dominated by the BTL. Operating costs were increased as the company implemented state of the art billing and customer care systems.

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The demand for mobile phones is heavy in rural and remote areas because of the perceived contribution towards the rural economy. UngaroBenages passed the verdict which favored the Belize government.

Globalization and btl essay
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Globalization Essay Example: Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization