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There really is nothing here besides a few good performances and a half-ass inner hustler aspect to the plot that mostly falls flat because of it's lack of depth and consistency.

The adjective "American" appended to a word in a movie title always implies something with instant design-classic status, gorgeously laced with irony and modernity. Yet while his swooping cameras and motor-mouth characters follow in the virtuosic wake of Mr.

Lawrence pulled off the terrible character fairly well, but I couldn't help but cringe almost every time Cooper tried to play his terribly written part.

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To me Bale was the only thing that really stood out in a good way in this film. The unreliable narration and urgent zooms, the s milieu of flashily dressed scammers and mobsters, the carefully chosen pop songs underscoring key emotional moments: all those recognizably Scorcesean signatures are there, yet Russell infuses them with his unique brand of insanity. Yet while his swooping cameras and motor-mouth characters follow in the virtuosic wake of Mr. Russell, who, more than any other contemporary American filmmaker, has reinvigorated screwball comedy, partly by insisting that men and women talk to one another. Much given to pontificating, he is like a venal and aggressive version of Woody Allen's character in Broadway Danny Rose. The camera seems to interact with the characters emotions, so you're really seeing this on more than one level. The ghost of Richard M. Never give a sucker an even break. What makes its pieces fit together and gives it a sense of emotional engagement is the cast. The movie is a classic example of the good precluding the great—and the admiration for its formidable merits getting in the way of an uninhibitedly ecstatic viewing experience.

It's probably because I love the 70s, or whatever. Microwave ovens aren't for everyone. Was this review helpful?

Or just in Richie's head? And at the end, we feel dizzy and disorientated, like marks who don't know we've been had. Popular Blog Posts. He delivers a highly consistent and believable character, in fact I would say he was flat out great.

The film is probably also a tad overlong, but it's a blast to hang out with these people, and Russell creates such an infectiously zany vibe around them that if even you notice the running time, you probably won't mind.

In reality, Camden mayor Angelo Errichetti had a reputation for committing crimes, despite being widely praised for caring about the people of Camden.

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Obviously meaning to be funny, like the scene on the the jet and Roselyn's explanations for everything Irving throws at her.

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