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Showing your knowledge in the right way Examination questions have key words that prompt you to answer in a certain way. Stocks and shares: a stock is a stake in a company.

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Some of the materials are not on our GCSE syllabus. If you buy a bond you are loaning your money to the company or government. Then try to identify things that will swing the decision one way or the other e. The borrower must repay the loan, usually monthly, with interest. Read through your answers and see whether you can add any more Tip 6: Feel free to use extra paper for longer answers if necessary Business. If you investigate the site you will find other revision tools. If you require any other teacher support or have good ideas that help you in other subjects please discuss these with your teachers. You can earn interest by keeping your money in a bank, but pay interest when you borrow money. Try revising with a friend. Will people pay higher prices? How should websites be used?

You will be asked to analyse or consider advantages and disadvantages. Regular savings account: you pay a regular monthly amount into the account and are likely to earn more interest than a standard savings account.

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The best essay writers are ready to impress your teacher. Stocks and shares: a stock is a stake in a company. If you are a tax payer then you will pay tax on both these accounts. In business studies they often ask you to describe or explain issues. The difference between a secured and unsecured loan If a borrower takes out a secured loan they are putting up any property they own as security to the lender if they are unable to make the payments. You can also draw mind maps. This can help, but you need to have a plan of what you are going to do and stick to it! Topic cue cards can be useful to make to help learn the concepts. The resources are more geared up to A level students, but they are a good reference source.

Then try to identify things that will swing the decision one way or the other e. What should you be doing at home In order to do well in business studies you need to master two key issues.

Standard savings account: more flexible than a regular savings account as you have instant access to your money, but the rate of interest will be lower.

Check answers and update your traffic lights. You will be given the ratio formulae but you still need to be confident with working out cash flow and working out gross and net profit. How will they react?

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This means you need to answer in sentences not in lists! Pick Business Studies and access notes and short tests.

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