Ethical issues in bp oil spill

The region affected by the oil spill is culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse. Next, society has become more provocative in the support of restrictions, like stricter limitations on coal mining and carbon tax charges. Also, there are numerous new restrictions on oil drilling and production in the future and new regulation in Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Pipeline Safety Act.

Ethical issues in bp oil spill

Because most workers were not monitored for chemical exposures during cleanup operations, exposures are being reconstructed from available individual and environmental monitoring data, self-described characteristics of cleanup tasks, and work locations and times Sandler et al. We need leadership now, not a blame game. This raises important ethical questions about what circumstances justify a government or private company in restricting what information is made available to the public. The individual-level results e. Potentially eligible participants were first contacted by mail and given at least 2 weeks to opt out of the study. The alternative actions that BP could have implemented in this situation, were to consider employees concerns about the corrosion in the pipeline and to take appropriate measures to remedy the defects in it. It will include general information about the company, identification and evaluation of ethical dilemmas based on the recent oil spills happened in Prudhoe Bay and Deepwater Horizon. Additionally, about 1. In an interview earlier this month President Nungesser spoke about how the government has no master plan for coping with this disaster and that federal officials, including Admiral Thad Allen, consistently refuse to accept clean up plans developed by local and state governments, despite their experience, and moreover lack any alternative plan.

No utilities were provided for this oil spill, neither to BP, nor to the society. Additionally, about 1.

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Because most of the participants used cell phones, some of which had limited minutes, this lengthy script approximately five minutes in a 30—60 minute interview proved to be a barrier to participation—with many break-offs during this stage of the study. Biological samples e. In the accident 11 men working in the rig were killed, and 17 others suffered injuries.

Blood, urine, hair, and toenail samples were collected and pulmonary function and blood pressure were measured during the home visits and at the health clinics. The disaster was the largest oil spill in the history of this region. The company operates worldwide in several sectors of the oil and gas industry such as generating low carbon energy, moving oil and gas, and off and onshore oil and gas extraction BP, Observational and clinical research can help identify risk factors that impact the long-term health of people affected by public health emergencies and contribute to community and individual resiliency, susceptibility, or vulnerability.

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Case Study: BP Oil Spill