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The idea to write a ghost story was not her own but Lord Byronsa friend who was also summer sojourning with Mary and her husband Percy Shelley. The most obvious relationship in this story is that between Victor Frankenstein and his monster, however, there are other characters in the story that present themselves as father-figures.

Mary Shelley extensively explores the effect dangerous knowledge has on the characters in her book Frankenstein. Essay Words 3 Pages The main focus in this story is the decision as to whether Frankenstein's creation is a creature or a monster.

For example Victor Frankenstein's mother died when he was seventeen of scarlet fever and Mary Shelley's mother died in childbirth. This shows a correlation between their pasts as both of their mothers died when they were quite young Mary Shelley's father's second wife discarded her and this is reminiscent of Victor and the creature Victor Frankenstein grew up in Geneva.

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Her referral to Prometheus is not only about how he was the Titan punished by Zeus because he stole fire from the gods and presented it to mankind; it is also more focused on how he was titan and mythical being who created mankind and was not able to control his own creation.

Waldman introduced Victor to the idea of using electricity to regenerate tissue. This limitless world has granted people to be free and equal and gives the opportunity to learn from one another. From these characteristics alone, a monster can essentially be anything.

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The Monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essay