Essay on english prose

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Essay on english prose

Some of these quotations are from Latin sources. Courtenay, T. An extract from his book is given below as a representative sample. IV; Nouveaux Lundis, vol. Francis Osborne Advice to a son. The Character of a Tory. Luden, H. Several Discourses by way of Essays, in Verse and Prose.

There have been daring people in the world who claimed that Cooper could write English, but they are all dead now. Longe, Julia G.

English prose writers

Giraud, C. But long words, like long beards, are often the badge of charlatans. Utrecht, Continue Reading. They lie concealed in the inexhaustible wealth of a vocabulary enriched by centuries of noble thought and delicate manipulation. When the bulk of English prose was full of loose sentences of enormous length, he supplied at once a short, crisp and firmly knit sentence of a type unfamiliar in English. Traditional grammar focuses on morphemes, words, phrases, clauses and sentences but leaves out phonemes, paragraphs and whole texts. The Ford Foundation developed the fund that began the Advancement of Education foundation. Or he may cultivate eccentricity, to seem original. The Age of Dryden. This is Cooper.

This style may be called the terrifick, for its chief intention is, to terrify and amaze; it may be termed the repulsive, for its natural effect is to drive away the reader; or it may be distinguished, in plain English, by the denomination of the bugbear style, for it has more terror than danger.

Lamb, Charles. He rejected the conceit and overcrowded imagery of affected literary style, but he knew how to light up his thought with well placed figures, and give to it an imaginative glow and charm upon occasion, contrasting strongly with the unfigurative style of Ben Jonson who represents in his prose the extreme revulsion from affectation.

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IV; Nouveaux Lundis, vol. He compares falsehood to an alloy in a coin of gold or silver. Oxford, Herriott, F. He also gives us a quotation from the Bible in the essay. This kind of intolerance led to strongly worded sermons and pamphlets defending one side and attacking the other. Mencken, "The Style of Woodrow," F. In , a number of anonymous pamphlets written under the pseudonym of Martin Marprelate were printed by a secret press attacking the bishops and defending the Anglican approach to Christianity. Bacon achieves this conciseness of style often by avoiding superfluous words and by omitting the ordinary joints and sinews of speech.

An Answer to a Letter to a Dissenter. But really original people do not have to think about being original—they can no more help it than they can help breathing.

origin and development of prose in english literature

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