Do parents mold their childs personality

Few things in life are as worth your time and effort as this. This will create a better understanding. A bad behavior by parents is likely to be imitated by the child, resulting in misbehavior.

Parents mould the personality of their child essay

The question that bothers most parents is: "What is more important: to shower a child with love and let the nature take its course or to provide intellectual stimulation? He should not be in the dark about the basic facts related to health, life, and the society. The sodomy crime is also on the increase. Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. Simply put, the investment and goals are simply very different between parents and teachers, doctors, nannies, etc. Always lend an ear to the grievances as well as the desires of your child. You can explain and give reason for what you think is right, but do not impose everything on your children.

Its origin can be traced in child hood recollections of terror and suppression. Being nanny, teacher, pediatrician, a whatever ever does not mean you know what it takes to be a parent. One thing we need to just admit and accept is that not everybody is going to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

Your child can disagree with you and still respect you.

Essay on role of parents in child character building

But, outside of that, we totally overestimate these things. Besides childhood fears and terrors one more suppressive measure that affects the child psychology throughout her or his life is sexual abuse of the child. It is mostly noted that children see their parents as their role model. When they grow up, they feel free to ask questions about all kinds of things in their environment as their curiosity would have been developed to a keen edge. With my second I was having my own doubts about all the books and articles and products and classes. Teaching Kids Respect It is very important to give your child respect. Now-a-days we have parents who, even before the child is completed one year, decide to turn them into another Sachin or Aishwarya. The opposite is true. Although heredity has a dominant role, but the importance of intellectual stimulation and environmental support can not be ignored. I worked with kids for years before having my first, both in unpaid and lowly-paid positions as a teen and as a teacher, usually in primary schools but sometimes in daycare. You can explain and give reason for what you think is right, but do not impose everything on your children. Yes, if a child is severely neglected during their first three years, that has big impacts.

We grow faster from failure than success. These suppressive and punitive means leave an indelible impression on the psyche of child. If you get hyper and start to yell, your child would learn that and would exhibit such behavior in future.

In an attempt to mould the child, most parents push their children beyond their capacity. You must have seen that many of such rape incidents occur when the child was left alone to the care of some one near blood relative.

role of parents in shaping the future of a child

Our infrastructure is a disgrace. Disagreeing with a person does not account to being disrespectful. Everyone needs to vent but its a know your audience type thing.

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How Can The School Mold A Child’s Personality?