Damop thesis prize 2010

The conference wrapped up around on Saturday.

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Kushner has received the Semiconductor Research Corp. The income from this endowment will supplement travel for finalists and provide new funding to enable students to attend the annual DAMOP Meeting, with an emphasis on enhancing the diversity of student attendees.

Each new APS fellow received a certificate and pin.

nicholas metropolis award

His contribution on "Quantum dynamics in spatially resolved two-atom cavity QED" was chosen on the basis of scientific content, clarity of presentation and attractiveness of design, and was honored with prize money in the amount of EUR.

Randy Hulet Rice U. From the pool of undergraduate participants, we congratulate the few who were selected and accepted invitations to speak in the Undergraduate Research Session held on Thursday morning.

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In the afternoon, I went to the thesis prize session, which was dominated by cold atom stuff.

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