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On the other hand those asserting that criminals are made assert that there is a high level of crimes which are committed on some areas especially where there is rampant poverty compared to other well up areas.

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So family reflects of what we do, who we are and is also a reflection of how we are brought up. Both of them are criminal.

Both his father and mother have been teachers. They also support the argument showing that some environmental factors like a high exposure to lead and other are likely to result of criminal adults.

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But gradually when he combines with bad people or involve with politics then he start petty crime and at last he become a fulfill criminal. Psychoanalytic theory, developed by Sigmund Freud, explores the idea of teen or adult behavior being impacted by early childhood experiences. Such a person with this kind of imbalance in their life along with abusive parents can start to have an urge to feel superior. So according to this, individuals have a much higher chance of leading a criminal life based off their childhood trauma and the way in which they were influenced. Siblings also have an effect which is through the idea they can trigger neglect and attention seeking. Criminals and deviants are seen as suffering from personality deficiencies. Criminals Robert Thompson and John Vneables both came from large families, suggesting that their actions have been, in part, to seek attention.

The media also plays a major role on a society. Jesse was born in Boston, USA and from a very early age, he suffered abuse from his alcoholic father, elder brother and occasionally his mother.

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These studies therefore assert that criminals are actually made rather than born. Web 21 March, We will write a custom essay sample on Criminals are Made Not Born or any similar topic only for you Order Now Komiya, As early as 19th century, the debate had taken the centre stage in criminal psychology with high minded physician like Cesare Lombroso taking a number of skull measuring with an aim of proving that criminals usually have smaller brains compared to the law abiding citizens.

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Rebels With Cause: Why Criminals Are Made, Not Born