Concept fan

We move to the right to present solutions as shown below.

Concept fan

To start a concept fan, write the problem in the middle of a piece of paper. Impose fines for nitrate use an approach that works well for a variety of offenses related to harming the environment.

creative challenge

The concept fan approach starts with a problem definition and then branches out in two directions. For the blending solution there are two approaches, and those are further developed to the right.

A random image, sound, or article can be used instead of a random word as a kind of creativity goad or provocation.

Generally, most creativity techniques use associations between the goal or the problem , the current state which may be an imperfect solution to the problem , and some stimulus possibly selected randomly. How to use tool: The Concept Fan is a way of finding different approaches to a problem when you have rejected all obvious solutions. There are several ways we can make nitrate use more costly. Nitrate contamination can occur naturally or as the result of agricultural or industrial inputs. To the right of it radiate lines representing possible solutions to the problem see the diagram below: It is possible that the ideas you have come up with are impractical or do not really solve the problem. In this example, the next higher-level creativity challenge might be to make nitrate use more costly. For the blending solution there are two approaches, and those are further developed to the right. For more information or free registration, please visit www. Nitrate groundwater contamination is a serious problem, particularly for newborn infants and those with compromised immune systems.

This should motivate people to use less nitrate. The photo below shows a typical ion exchange plant.

concept fan meaning

Draw an arrow from the initial problem definition to the new one to show the linkage between the problems.

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