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I cover mobile hardware, software and gaming. Flipboard Nokia paid Rs crore compensation under VRS to 5, employees Finland-based Nokia has paid about Rs crore as compensation to employees of its Chennai manufacturing facility, who opted for the voluntary retirement scheme offered by it in May.

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PTI Updated: Jul 25, According to "Helsingin Sanomat", when chairman Siilasmaa was questioned about Elop's contract last Friday, he made the false claim of there being "no essential changes" in Elop's bonus structure compared to previous CEOs.

Nothing odd here.

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This VRS scheme is nothing but an indirect way of laying off people," he said. According to changes implemented in , Elop was entitled to immediate share price performance bonus in case of a "change of control" situation His time was marked by a dramatic shift toward Windows Phone and several successive waves of big layoffs. Nothing odd here. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter. Practically instantly after Elop was handed his contract. But the average age of Nokia employees is 25 years. According to Siilasmaa on early Tuesday, Nokia's legal department had committed "a working place accident" of not noticing the slight discrepancy between Elop's contract and the contracts of the previous CEOs. In , Elop left his role as president of the Microsoft business division to become chief executive at Nokia.

But the largest daily of the country, "Helsingin Sanomat", decided to dig into SEC filings to investigate the matter. Once the pride of Finland, Nokia will remain with only the network equipment and labs businesses.

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The deal is expected to close in the first quarter.

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5, at Nokia Chennai unit opt for compensation exit route