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Reader Interactions. What guides me is a certain feeling of resonance, curiosity, or rightness. We must screen out any redeeming qualities or exculpatory history so that we can arouse maximum contempt for those we must conquer to achieve a better world. Maybe you will inquire, what is it like to be here in this moment? Industry was not an evolutionary step beyond savagery; it applied savagery at an industrial scale. It sees in each person a desire, a need, to be an agent for the creation of beauty. I know I will have more chances to help him — help him by proxy. If it serves the work, am I willing to sacrifice the reclusiveness I am coming to love?

But knowing how much harm has been done by those very people in the name of bettering the world, I became wary of playing that game.

The acute trauma endured by the incarcerated, the abused, the raped, the trafficked, the starved, the murdered, and the dispossessed does not exempt the perpetrators.

When the animating force behind these new ideas is hate or fear, all manner of fascistic and totalitarian nightmares can ensue, whether enacted by existing powers or those that arise in revolution against them.

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How could they not see your deep humanity, the good reasons you have for voting the way you do, your sincere attempts to make the world a better place?

Headline news in one camp is totally absent from the other.

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I am a writer and speaker, dedicated to serving the emergence of a new and ancient story on this earth. Do not beat the drums of war.

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Is it because you hope to become a celebrated intellectual? I too have little patience with such books. I wanted to see what it was like from a different perspective.

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Understanding that another person has an experience of being, and is subject to circumstances that condition their behavior, makes us less able to dehumanize them as a first step in harming them. To humanize the enemy truly does hamper the war effort. Besides, these conditions admit no easy solution. To the contrary: it is the result of the breakdown of that story, and the rise of empathy in its stead. For this evolution to proceed, however, it is necessary that we acknowledge and integrate the horror, the suffering, and the loss that the triumphalist narrative of civilizational progress skips over. What can you do about it? Humanize them, and you render aid and comfort to the enemy. Understanding that the health of soil, water, and ecosystems is inseparable from our own health, reason no longer urges their pillage. These are ideas whose time has come and they need capable scribes. I am referring to the high levels of suicide, opioid addiction, meth addiction, pornography, gambling, anxiety, and depression that plague modern society and every modernizing society. And evil has not yet been defeated. After various retrograde versions of a new story rise and fall and we enter a period of true unknowing, an authentic next story will emerge. Can we please stop creating conditions for war? The key breakthrough in that work is the concept of substitute desires.

The defining question of empathy is, What is it like to be you? Generally speaking, metrics-based evaluations, while seemingly objective, bear the covert biases of those who decide what to measure, how to measure it, and what not to measure.

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Well-being metrics include such things as per-capita income, life expectancy, leisure time, educational level, access to health care, and many of the other accouterments of development. You will never get wealth, fame, or prestige. Literacy is part of a broader social repatterning, a transition into modernity, that accompanies cultural and linguistic homogenization. I had to admit there was some of both motivations, self and service. If it serves, am I willing to be on other programs where the host may not be as gracious as Oprah? For one, the transition into literacy has meant, in many places, the destruction of oral traditions and even the extinction of entire non-written languages. It also supports the people who support me, with website maintenance, logistics as a speaker, sound and video editing, live and online events, healing and counseling Please stop thinking you are better than these people!

Hugs, not hate!

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