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But the only way to earn them is to grind every day.

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Of course it is. Do I have to move to L. Or run a marathon? Is writing sometimes lonely? Your imagination is more powerful than any critic, agent, or studio boss in the world. The moment your screenplay leaves your hands it becomes a commodity. Which is also the answer to whether this is the career for you. Take a long walk, make a particular kind of coffee to get you in the state to write. The office, which he shares with a partner, is on the top floor of a brownstone, above a private bridge club that seems like a remnant of the Gilded Age, with its own dining room and white-napkin service. Or simple. Do I have to be tall to work in the NBA?

The time you set aside to create is one of the only things you can control. I was at dinner last night with a legendary novelist.

But they did wake up desperately in need of great material. Taken together, I believe these tips provide as much value and insight as any productivity or writing book on the market today. Do the hard thing, and do it again tomorrow.

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Is that you? For the next twenty-four hours anytime you want to complain about how hard it is to break in, think about your work instead. Trust me, the people making it had as many frustrating days as you, they just kept at it.

The first draft you write for you, and the first draft you show to someone else.

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The best writers I know are led by their curiosity. And plan to read again. You can disguise them later. I was beating myself up about spending a Saturday reading, watching movies, instead of writing. How long can the first act be? I have no idea what you should write. Refer back to it during the long slog through the middle. You may also like Say you have a day job and want to be a full-time artist and you have one hour a week to devote. How do you make it as a screenwriter? These pearls of wisdom apply to just about any kind of artistic endeavor. How short can the third act be? If you only have an hour a day to write, look at that as a positive. If you do the work every day, yes you are.

All I want to say today is this: the romantic vision of the beautiful-tortured-artist-addict is a lie.

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Writing Tips From Hollywood Screenwriter Brian Koppelman