Australian government s opposition to internet filters

EFA state that the bill was designed to prevent further public scrutiny of web filtering proposals.

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The proposal has always been unpopular, now perhaps the Government is starting to come to grips with what the industry has been saying all along: if your policy objective is to protect children on-line, this is not the way to go about it.

This body, NetAlert, commenced operations in November Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman stopped short of saying Telstra and Optus breached existing contracts, saying the question was "hypothetical one". Initially those dilemmas were limited to protecting the vulnerable members of the community from certain types of pornography and images of extreme violence.

Sorry, this video has expired Video: Turnbull slams Government's net filter 'backflip' ABC News Cyber safety The internet filter had been strongly opposed by the online community because of censorship concerns, but it had the backing of the Australian Christian Lobby.

This list of banned Web pages is then added to filtering software encryptedwhich must be offered to all consumers by their Internet service providers.

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The Family First Party released a far stricter policy of mandatory filtering at the Internet service provider level. This consisted of three components: a schools-based educational program to teach high school children to take a more detached and evaluative view of pornographic images and messages an opt-out system of ISP filtering and additional measures to protect children from exposure.

However, these freedoms are not absolute. The fact that our own government will not take into account the opinions of the people that are actually affected by their ideas is extremely alarming. It is doing nothing more than making our internet cumbersome and sluggish.

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None of the top three ISPs, Telstra, Optus and iiNet, have been included in the trial, although both iiNet and Optus did expect to be involved at a later time. This activity involved no violence, sexual violence, sexualised violence, coercion, sexually assaultive language or fetishes or depictions which purposefully demeaned anyone involved in a way that was likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult. As it is agnostic of the majority Optus appeared to use IP blocks for 4chan and possibly other sites. The Labor party are the only people who truly support the plan and some family-orientated groups are also encouraging it as they have children, but they are forgetting the reality that there are many citizens without kids. Its main activity seems to have been promoting itself through widespread distribution of fridge magnets Keyword or content filters Keyword or content list filters scan websites for the presence of specific words, phrases or images that appear on a restricted list and access to websites containing these is denied. We can crack down on illegal activity, and we can work with the industry to minimise potential problems, but we can't replace the guardianship role of parents. The day after Minister Helen Coonan launched the NetAlert filter package it was reported that Tom Wood, a Melbourne schoolboy, had disabled the filter in just over thirty minutes. Ignoring load considerations, communication speed across the Internet for any non-web traffic would be unaffected. The filter would also be ineffective against peer-to-peer file sharing where child pornography can be found.

We can crack down on illegal activity, and we can work with the industry to minimise potential problems, but we can't replace the guardianship role of parents.

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