Analysis of a volatile liquid essay

evaporation rate of a volatile liquid lab report

At first a few bubbles will come out of the capillary tube, but eventually you will see a steady stream of bubbles coming out of the capillary tube.

First, you will measure the molar mass of the liquid using the ideal gas law, but is the molar mass enough information to identify an unknown?

Analysis of a volatile liquid essay

The empty flat bottom flask was weighed and then the unknown liquid was poured into it. In order to improve this experiment, I would recomend to wait untill the hot bath reaches the right temperature, which was about 80 C, which is the average temperature needed for alcohols to start evaporation. This is when the temperature was taken. Percent error of boiling point 6. Make sure the bottom of the thermometer and bottom of the test tube are lined up together. At some point, the bubble were no longer air, but were actually methanol vapor. However, the molar mass did not serve as a good way to identify the methanol in this experiment because of the large percent error. The 1 liter beaker was placed on the hot plate and filled with enough water to submerge the flat bottom flask. Bring a beaker of tap water to a rolling boil over a bunsen burner. To measure the density, you will need to measure the mass and volume of a gas. You must use the same mL Erlenmeyer flask every time, but make sure you dump out the gas and any condensation before weighing the flask empty.

The volume of the flask should have been greater, which actually made the molar mass slightly more than it should have been. Each small change should be recorded in the notebook, because it could somehow affect my result.

molar mass of a volatile liquid hypothesis

After I put the test tube in hot bath, I would wait until it has fully vaporized, and leave it for more than 3 minutes in it, to make sure that everything has vaporized. The fundamental idea of the Ideal Gas Model relies on the idea that the gas is behaving ideally.

There is a lag time where the thermometer does not show the correct reading. If the mass is not stable, let it cool longer. The final part of the lab was to measure the boiling point of the unknown liquid.

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Molar Mass Of A Volatile Liquid Lab Report