An overview of the rain forest environment and the conditions for its manifestation

Invasive weeds, in turn, can limit the natural regeneration of native species Meyer and Florence ; Minden et al. The way forward Considering the large number of rainforest species in the South Pacific, the high level of endemicity, and the rapidity with which primary forest is being lost or degraded, it would be beneficial to all South Pacific nations to invest greater resources in ex situ conservation of their native plant diversity.


Over the next 15 years, forest landscapes equaling an area more than twice the size of Texas could be lost to rampant deforestation, according to a WWF report. Increased Soil Erosion Soil erosion in Africa. The shaded and wet world under that green canopy cover. The two drainage systems are present independently, or in some cases, both are present in the same leaf. Case study — Cryptocarya spp. Secondary rainforests developed on abandoned pastures in Queensland, for example, failed to match the diversity shown in nearby mature forests even after six decades of growth Goosem et al. Initial testing of desiccation tolerance is the first logical step to overcome this barrier and, in light of the rapid destruction of rainforests globally Corlett and Primack , this research is imperative.

Once the fallen trees have desiccated, they set them on fire, leaving behind an open swath of land ready for agricultural activity. The rainforests of New Guinea thus share some Gondwanan elements with Australia Araucaria and Nothofagus and many species originating from South-east Asia.

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Subsequent tissue culture of the embryos, however, failed to produce any normal seedlings radicle elongation occurred but shoots failed to develop; Park Though not wholly desiccation sensitive, kohekohe cannot be dried to the low seed moisture content required for standard seed banking.

Initial disturbances were caused by the first human settlers ancestors of the current indigenous inhabitants through clearing for agriculture, increased fire frequency and the introduction of non-native plant and animal species.


Costa Rica rainforest features plenty of rivers and springs with pristine water distributed along the region, which form waterfalls where the terrain is uneven a great part of the country , and flow superficially as the manifestation of considerable underground aquifers to which help in supplying. Table 2. Oxford University Press. In Brazil—which controls the majority of the vast forest—regulations were put into place over a decade ago to curb the expanse of deforestation, but these rules have been loosened by the new Brazilian administration, and consequently fires are spiking. And as fertile soil washes away, agricultural producers move on, clearing more forest and continuing the cycle of soil loss. Rodents such as rats and mice can limit plant establishment by consuming seed Auld et al. As example the bromeliads thanks to its water container are useful as the home for insects and frogs while in their metamorphosis aquatic phase.

In situ conservation such as the creation of national parks or reserves is often considered the most effective option; however, the declaration of a reserve does little to mitigate secondary pressures which can continue to act without immediately observable effects.

Supplementary planting in turn requires a source of seed or other propagules and knowledge of appropriate methods of propagation. Photographs by: N Emery aK Sommerville b. Land and resources for conservation are often limited, however, so this type of collection is only likely to be applied to species that are highly threatened or have some economic importance.

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James G and Catherine A. Its location near the equator optimize the conditions for the plants photosynthesis, causing this way that tropical rainforests fixate a great amount of carbon dioxide, taking it from the atmosphere into the vegetal tissues, and liberate another great amount of oxygen back to the atmosphere, so they are worthy of being considered as the lungs of Earth.

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Deforestation and Forest Degradation