An introduction to the history of the 1970s

1970s history

This spotlight sheds light on an understudied period of time in the history of science. The Environmental Movement In some ways, though, s liberalism continued to flourish. Corman supported this new breed of youthful maverick directors, referred to by some as "Movie Brats" or "Geeks. These activists mobilized against the Amendment and managed to defeat it. He is sentenced to nine years in prison. And Monte Hellman's two westerns Ride in the Whirlwind and The Shooting both starred Jack Nicholson who also co-wrote and produced the first film. He does. The environmentalist movement began to increase dramatically in this period. His conviction came after he and five other men broke into a Las Vegas hotel room to steal thousands of dollars worth of sports memorabilia that Simpson claimed was his. Their liberation, in other words, was intensely personal. Rowling publishes the first Harry Potter book. In October, Saddam Hussein goes on trial for the killing of civilians in the town of Dujail. Scottish scientists clone a sheep named Dolly. It is the top-grossing tour to that point.

Second, it hit at the heart of traditional economic reasoning and concluded the end of economic growth, if the world system was not to collapse in only a few decades — a message that shocked the world. The distrust in traditional Cold War science, which was conducted behind closed doors, hastened new ideas and forms of socially responsible and politically engaged science and, with it, a new approach to science communication and public accountability.

Iraqi troops fire on Kurdish positions in the north of the country.

1970s values and culture

In Iraq, violence between different sects increases. The term describes a general new attitude of Americans towards atomized individualism and away from communitarianism in clear contrast with the s. He sees the perception of multiple environmental crises as foundational for significant changes in science during the s. Letters laced with the poison Anthrax are mailed to media and government offices. But in a separate war in western Darfur region, the killing continues. Second, the question of global economic interdependence, global justice and the economic backlog of the Global South entered the futures field. As was the case with most AIP films, they were aggressively marketed with publicity campaigns and lurid posters. Football star O. The model simulations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology opened the futures field to an explicitly global worldview. First, this study was based on computer simulations, which was innovative but not new. Boston archbishop Cardinal Bernard Law resigns over the scandal. The low-budget boxing film was one of the first major feature films to utilize the revolutionary "Steadicam" developed by inventor Garrett Brown - Bound for Glory marked its first use.

An independent counsel brings charges against Clinton, and the House impeaches him for lying and obstructing justice. Bush's "road map" to peace collapses. The move made HBO the first successful, satellite-delivered pay cable service in the U.

Jump to navigation Jump to search The spronounced "the Nineteen Seventies", refers to a decade within the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1,and ended on December 31, It became common currency that this world was vulnerable and fragile and called for new and intensified efforts to take responsibility and respond to the challenges to human society.

The First Satellite-Delivered National Cable TV Network, The growth of cable TV was regarded as a serious threat to advertiser-supported broadcast television networks, independent stations, and movie theaters.

1970s timeline
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s: Watergate and Women's Rights