An analysis of the usefulness of high school websites

Tone and word choice can turn a contentious experience into an amicable one.

what makes a good school website

Like so many skills, website evaluation is something that people can become fluent at with practice. An important part of the process is thinking critically — not believing everything you read, not settling for any source of information, and always questioning.

So more than half the time, people will leave a site almost immediately. Leave a Comment What tips or ideas can you add to the topic of website evaluation? Similarly, portfolios can also be used to evaluate student work and learning in non-school contexts.

features of a good school website

The essay adopted content analysis, questionnaire survey, and telephone interviews as research methods. Bouncing away from sites is a natural part of researching. You can download it, print it, share with a friend, and read at your leisure.

Are they biased or one-sided?

Impact of social media on high school students

When portfolios are used to document and evaluate the knowledge, skills, and work habits students acquire in school, teachers can use them to adapt instructional strategies when evidence shows that students either are or are not learning what they were taught. This is a comprehensive guide to teaching students of all ages how to research. This is particularly true of your home page, so you might not want to put resource-hogging elements on the home page. It started from sorting out common categories in ten vocational school websites and then 20 categories were confirmed. Alphabetical Search. In short, how portfolios are actually used or not used in schools, and whether they produce the desired educational results, will likely determine how they are perceived. Author information — look at at the author bio or About page. Are they biased or one-sided? Tests and quizzes give teachers information about what students know at a particular point in time, but portfolios can document how students have grown, matured, and improved as learners over the course of a project, school year, or multiple years.

Portfolios may also be presented—publicly or privately—to parents, teachers, and community members as part of a demonstration of learningexhibitionor capstone project. There are lots of possible solutions to faster loading websites—everything from page caching to image compression to implementing a content delivery network CDN and optimizing JS and CSS files.

Feel free to download a copy of the flowchart and share it with your colleagues.

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How To Evaluate Websites: A Guide For Teachers And Students