Alternative methods of procurement

In preparing the list, BAC, with the TWG assistance, shall adopt a set of criteria to be used as basis in evaluating the capability of the entities taking into consideration the following: Capability and resources to perform the contract taking into account their experience and past performance on similar contracts; Capabilities with respect to personnel, equipment, or manufacturing facilities; and Financial position.

lcrb procurement

Procuring Entities may charge small value purchases or over-the-counter purchases against petty cash funds provided that the procurement is within the allowable contingency.

The End-User unit or the duly authorized official or personnel shall submit a purchase request to the BAC relative to the goods to be procured through Shopping. In the case of infrastructure projects, the Procuring Entity has the option to undertake the project through negotiated procurement or by administration or, in high security risk areas, through the AFP D.

The BAC shall send the RFQs to at least three 3 suppliers of known qualifications, and at least three 3 price quotations must be obtained. Terms and conditions of the item to be procured; and e. The BAC shall validate the technical, legal and financial capability of the supplier to supply and deliver the goods.

This, notwithstanding, those who responded through any of the required postings shall be allowed to participate. Upon receipt of at least three 3 quotations within the prescribed deadline, the BAC shall prepare an Abstract of Quotations setting forth the names of those who responded to the RFQ, their corresponding price quotations, and the lowest calculated quotation submitted.

However, subject to the prior approval of the Chancellor, and whenever justified by the conditions provided in Rule XVI of the same IRR, the procuring entity may, in order to promote economy and efficiency resort to any of the alternative methods of procurement.

Direct Contracting or single source procurement is a method of procurement of goods that does not require elaborate bidding documents.

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Alternative Methods of Procurement