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InSir Syed was transferred from Muradabad to Ghazipur where he established another school for Muslims, which was known as Madrass Ghazipur. By the college had grown and expanded into the Aligarh Muslim University Dawn file photo Consequently, Sir Syed emphasised a new education of the Word ilm-ul-kalaam.

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Role of aligarh university in pakistan movement

The Conference held its sessions at different towns of the country to know about the educational problems and then tried to solve them. In course of time, this college became the most important educational institution of Indian Muslims. This journal was published both in Urdu and English languages. In , Sir Syed set up an organization which is known as Mohammedan Educational Conference, which presented a twelve point programme in western and religious education in English and other languages. This spawned a negative attitude amongst the Muslims towards everything modern and western, and a disinclination to make use of the opportunities available under the new regime. Therefore, in order to attain these goals, Sir Syed launched the Aligarh Movement of which Aligarh was the center. What Sir Syed wrote about man and human culture years ago continues to hold true. The purpose of this society was to translate the English books into Urdu language. Syed Ahmad also succeeded in enlisting the services of a number of distinguished English professors like Bech, Morison, Raleigh and Arnold who gave their best in building up the Aligarh College into a first-rate institution. His personality and intellectual steadfastness drew groups of enlightened people round him — even today we refer to them as the Sir Syed School. To persuade Muslims to learn English education. Further, he wanted to provide modern education to the Muslims. By this, he wanted to keep the Muslims away from politics.

In the literary domain there was a notable reaction against him, for example, from the Lucknow school that included Pandit Ratan Nath Sarshar and Munshi Sajjad Hussain and which supported old values.

He also protested against the Purdah system prevalent among the Muslim women and stressed on educating the womenfolk.

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Thus, the Aligarh Movement made the Muslim fundamentalism strong. He opposed the activities of the Indian national congress.

role of aligarh movement in making of pakistan

India and limited its leadership only to the Muslims.

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