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Lawrencewhich was first published in Characters caste in such roles are prone to martyrdom, often becoming examples to impart on the reader the worst-possible outcome of undesirable actions. Upon first glance, Paul is presented as a young boy, unloved by his mother, who tragically dies trying to prove himself lucky to her.

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But, poor devil, poor devil, he's best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking horse to find a winner. As the Derby approaches, Paul is determined to learn the winner. However, upon further inspection, Paul is actually a rather complex character.

When he is informed by Bassett that he now has 80, pounds, Paul says to his mother: "I never told you, mother, that if I can ride my horse, and get there, then I'm absolutely sure — oh absolutely!

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I am lucky! A gardener for the family, he uses the tips he gets from Paul to double and then redouble his money again and again. Share this:. Here, she negotiates between her societal instinct and emotional instinct.

Paul remains ill through the day of the Derby.

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Matthew Ledrew’s review of The Rocking Horse Winner