A report on the autobiography of malcolm x by alex haley

After he became a full Muslim, in the traditional sense, after his pilgrimage to Mecca, he realised that Allah should have been his true guide not the false Elijah Mohamed. He would have died for the nation.

He always knew he would die by violence, and perhaps as he grew older he would have developed even further.

the autobiography of malcolm x movie

Include points of interest from science and mathematics, arts and entertainment, economics and politics. Another prisoner named Bimbi befriends Malcolm.

the autobiography of malcolm x analysis

The book again talks about spiritual conversion narrative that outlines Malcolm X's philosophy of black pride, Black Nationalism. What is daily life like in a Moslem nation? However, his time with the religion comes to an end after he begins making statements that Elijah does not approve of.

Elijah Muhammad — the head of the Nation of Islam religion. Though Sophia has other boyfriend, Malcolm enjoys dating her for the status symbol that dating a white woman provides him.

A report on the autobiography of malcolm x by alex haley

Malcolm X was one of the most controversial Men in American history. Could he have rivalled The Nation of Islam? Laura wishes to go out with Malcolm, but she must lie to her overprotective grandmother in order to do so.

Archie humiliates Malcolm in front of a crowd in a bar but does not shoot him.

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X Summary